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St. Anne Harmon Knight's Middle School Show Choir / 94.7 The Wave

Started by PPI Tracy, November 16, 2011, 01:10:02 PM

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PPI Tracy

Normally I would not post this but I need your help for a wonderful cause.

94.7 (The Wave) radio station is having a choir contest called The Waves Winter Wonderland Concert.  The top chorus/choir selected wins $2,000.00 and sings with Brian McKnight, El DeBarge and Johnny Gil at the Gibson Amphitheater on December 3. (formerly the Universal Amphitheater).

Out of 1,500 entries, the top 15 choruses were chosen by the staff at 94.7 and out of the 15 the Wave listeners select the winner.  My daughter's show choir was chosen as one of the finalists!   Theirs is the "St. Anne Harmon Knight's Middle School Show Choir."  They are competing with adults and professional choirs.  Our kids are 6, 7th, and 8th grade, respectively.  Currently, we are in first place and USC is second. USC?!  Seriously?  (now THAT is paranormal!).  

If you have the time, please go to the site (link below) and vote for St Anne.  You can view the video as well.  Vote as many times as you can.  If I could, I would post the video here, but I'm not able to. Here is the link and THANK YOU!!

PPI Brian

"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."--Carl Sagan

PPI Tracy

Thank you so very much, Brian!!  

p.s. if you can grab the video, please feel free to imbed it in my post.  I cannot access YouTube at work.   :'(

PPI Brian

St. Anne's is in the lead with 38.6%!  ;D

Here's the youtube video
"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."--Carl Sagan

PPI Debra

"If you're after gettin' the honey, don't go killin' all the bees." -Joe Strummer


Sounds interesting...Go on.