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5 Hour trip to the ER, anyone?

Started by PPI Tracy, July 01, 2011, 10:19:50 AM

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PPI Tracy

PPI Karl

I was just talking about this the other day, with our A/C repairman.  Maybe they should stop referring to these as "shots". 
If you want to end your misery, start enjoying it, because there's nothing the universe begrudges more than our enjoyment.

PPI Brian

Moderation. Moderation. And to repeat it once more; Moderation. Guess she never heard the old expression: "Too much of good thing..."  :)

Interesting tidbit from the article:

"Energy drinks are propped up by all sorts of sexy marketing, but they?re not as magical as the ads would have you think," says TODAY nutritionist Joy Bauer. "The 'lift' they give you comes from caffeine -- nothing fancy there. "

The high doses of B vitamins and amino acids they dump in are purely for glitz and glam -- they don't actually help you instantly perk up.

"Energy shots offer a very concentrated dose of caffeine, which makes it difficult to stop when you feel like you've had too much, unlike if you're slowly sipping a cup of coffee."

But even coffee has its human limits, according to the website -- which offers a macabre calculator to reveal the fatal dose of nearly any caffeinated beverage, based on body weight.

A 130-pound person, for example, would "be pushing up daises" after guzzling 151.67 cans of Mountain Dew, the site estimates. And for a 200-pound person, the site warns, "Gulp down 143.68 cups of Starbucks Tall Cafe Mocha and you're history."

In that case, hold the whipped cream.
"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."--Carl Sagan