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Ghost Camera App Database

Started by PPI Brian, January 28, 2014, 07:02:23 PM

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PPI Brian

Found this database compiled by one of the TAPS Family teams and thought it was worth sharing with our PPI Forum Family.
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Ah Brian,
I didn't see either Britt nor Mr. Floppy in any of those apps.  :D
Sounds interesting...Go on.

PPI Tracy

All of the apps are pretty fake looking. I think I've only ever seen one that looks marginally believable. Even then, you'd be hard pressed to get it by anyone who knows anything about photography......or how to press a button.

PPI Theresa

I liked U2 before U2 was cool

PPI Karl

Thanks for the link, Brian.  That was interesting.

Most of the app images are suspicious to us because we're a little jaded, and because they stand out just by virtue of looking so darn good:  there's no ambiguity and no room for pareidolia in most of them; they're in clear contrast and resolution; they never interact with anything or anyone but the camera lens; and, the ghosts seem always to be in frame and optimally posed, sometimes even front and centered.  In fact, they seem often to have that studied, sometimes iconic pose that you expect from all the faked ghost photos over the years--which goes to the heart to the matter, I think: what makes these app images so successful is their ability to reference all the archetypes we've come to learn through secondhand experience with photos, ghost stories, folklore and hearsay, rather than with firsthand and personal paranormal experiences.

Thanks again, Brian.  Looks like a useful database.
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