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saw black apparation in my San Diego home... please help! dont know where to go

Started by Home alone, November 06, 2012, 10:24:14 PM

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Home alone

  Hello please help me someone.  about two weeks ago i saw a black apparition out of the corner of my eye. It was peeking out from mid air by my cabinets in the kitchen. as soon as i looked at it, it slowly seeped back into the kitchen. It was pitch black and it looked like a blob that could move any which way. There was no form to it, it was not see thru and it scared the holyness out of me. When I got the courage to get up 10 mins later, I got up and tried to see all possible things it could have been, but there is nothing there except cabinets. Then this morning I heard a voice and a tinkering noise in the back room where i was sleeping. The noise was in the doorway in mid air again. I went to a catholic church to seek some help today and the priest looked at me like i was crazy. I haven't agcknowledged the presence yet as in looking up or screaming when i see or hear anything. I don't want to aggrivate it if there is anything there. Am i going out of my mind? is this possible what i saw? what can i do? where can i go for help? are all black apparitions evil, demonic or bad or unhuman?


Sounds interesting...Go on.

PPI Brian

Hi Home Alone,

Thank you for sharing your experiences with us on the forums. First of all, I'd like to take this opportunity to reassure you that much of what you described is actually quite common, and some of your perceptions could have non-paranormal causes. We at PPI always try to eliminate the natural causes first by analyzing reports and attempting to replicate the conditions, conducting simple experiments and documenting the results.

The black mass that you described could be a shadow person, or it could just be your eyes "playing tricks" on you. We have been doing a lot of research on how poorly the human eye operates in low light situations, and have learned that many of the shadows and amorophous "blobs" that people see out the corner of their eye can be explained. There are biological and neurological explanations for many shadow forms observed with peripheral vision. Here's a link to an excellent article from the American Optometric Association entitled The Eye and Night Vision. Shadow people can also be perceived when ambient EMF levels in a location are higher than normal. There are many possible sources in a home that can cause high EMF exposure, and these sources should be identified and evaluated for potential health hazards.

Sounds are another subjective experience that can be difficult to identify. Every building has its own acoustic anomalies which can gather sounds from one end of a hallway and amplify those sounds at the opposite end. Voices can travel from the outside and the intensity of the voices can vary greatly depending upon the local weather conditions. These suggestions are merely intended to help you look at your situation critically, not dismiss your experiences out of hand. There could be rational explanations for the things you described, or there might not be an explanation. If the experiences you described happen on a regular or routine basis, you might consider documenting them in a notebook to determine whether or not there is a pattern you can identify, such as time of day, phase of the moon, etc. A lot of paranormal investigators believe that the most common reports of paranormal activity are "residual" in nature, meaning it seems to play itself out at specific times of day regardless of whether anyone is home to observe it. This type of activity is believed to be like a recording on the structure of a building that plays back when conditions are right. Just exactly what consititutes the "right" conditions is open to speculation.

To answer you last questions, no, we don't think you're crazy. People have reported these kinds of things for thousands of years. There are no experts in this field of study, and we suggest that you beware any group or individual who claims to be an expert. There is no evidence to prove that all black masses can be attributed to demonic or otherwise evil spirits, but there is evidence that most of these perceptions are not paranormal in nature. Rest assured that paranormal activity appears to be an exceptionally rare phenomenon that almost always is more of a curiosity than a concern, and the activity you described does not appear to be threatening in any way.

I hope this brings you some comfort. We invite you to browse the many topics on our forums, and feel free to pick up where any of the old conversations left off.

Best wishes --

"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."--Carl Sagan

Home alone

Thank you for your response. We have lived in this house for 3 months. No one in our home is depressed or sick everything is really good in our home so I'm not sure if this thing is looking for a weak person or a weak circumstance to fit into but it wasn't a shadow of a person it was a ball of black but it could move any which way. Like a glass of spilt milk, then when I was researching on Internet I found a video tape of a lady who tapped her weird noises in her home and the same thing I happen to see she caught a video of the same apparition I saw maybe I can attach the video here. Could this thing could have come with the house or did it come with me? Can it hurt me, how can I tell if its evil? How can I make it go away without aggravating it ?