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Questions about EVP and orbs

Started by zengirl, June 13, 2011, 05:14:07 PM

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Hi everyone! I am new to the site. I have searched out some help and information about EVP's and orbs. I have a lot of paranormal activity in my home. I channel spirit guides so I am assuming that is why I have so many orbs around me. I can feel them when they are in the room. I have a little canon powershot that I set to video mode and record them flying around. I always feel a sense of love and peace and energy when they are present. They are very lively and have a childlike energy. I also always say before I start recording that I only invite and allow light beings and those that come with pure intention of love and light into my home and energy field. I have only had one experience where these little black winged bird like things appeared in my video. I can't say if they were bad but they did not carry the energy of the orbs. 5 days ago I was awakened by what felt like ice water being poured over and through my body. a couple other things happened after that all very strange. My dog was going crazy barking with the hair up on his back and my sprinkler system went off not at it's usual time and blew a sprinkler head causing a geyser in my front yard. I felt a weird energy so I pulled out my camera. i felt like I was being watched when I heard a faint voice followed by a louder one that sounded like it was coming from the hallway to our bedrooms. First voice a female said "save me" second voice, male said "die" ( I believe) I have the evp on a youtube video. Maybe some of you can take a listen and tell me if that is what you hear? You will have best results using headphones with the volume up. Here is a link to my youtube page. I would really love someone to investigate my home and see what is going on. I am very confused as to how something negative was able to get into my home.  I look forward to your input. Blessings, Lisa

PPI Tracy

Hi Lisa.  Thank you for your post.  Sounds like you have a lot going on.  We will have to check out the YouTube video.  Looking forward to it.

What city do you live in, Lisa?  Are you local to the San Diego or Orange County areas?

PPI Karl

Hi, Lisa.  Welcome to the forum, and thank you for posting about yourself.  I look forward to checking out your YouTube links.  I'm also interested to know if you're in the San Diego area.

All the best!  Again, welcome to PPI's forums! :)
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