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The Ghost Hunter's Guidebook by Troy Taylor

Started by ttjoon, January 23, 2008, 12:41:35 PM

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 know this book/subject was brought up by Karl some time ago on the site.  I saw it but now cannot locate the post/strand.  (Hell, I'm lucky if I can locate my socks).  Anyway, has anyone read this book and if so what was your opinion of it and did you find it helpful?

PPI Brian

Hi Tracy,

I just picked up a copy of this book. I have heard good things about it from people who have read it. However, it's worth noting that most of these "How To" books on paranormal investigating leave me somewhat disappointed. There's usually a huge portion of these books that I instinctively take exception with based on my own personal experiences. Having said that, I always look forward to such books with an open mind. ;D


Brian Miller
"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."--Carl Sagan


What are some of your favorites and what do you recommend?