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Jason's Concert Performance

Started by Gary, March 26, 2011, 08:40:37 AM

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Hi all.  Thought you might be interested in seeing a couple of awesome scores performed by Jason and the Grossmont College Department of Music.

Gary \m/
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PPI Karl

These are great, Gary.  Thanks for posting these.  (I'm still trying to get my head around that description of "bagatelle"!  Here's the full wiki article he was reading off his phone. :D:  I'm enjoying these videos even as I write this.

Jason, as always, I'm in awe of your talent.  You make it look effortless, which is no doubt a testament to the hours and hours of effort you actually put into this, but you also play with the expressiveness that makes your music stand out with a great deal of authenticity.  Loved it.  

Again, Gary, thanks for this.  So glad you recorded this.

One more thing:  Jason, whose the young man sitting on your left?  I'm almost certain he was one of my students at some point.
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PPI Debra

Thanks for posting these, Gary.

Jason, Larry & I enjoyed them with our breakfast. I am so happy for you that you can do all that you do and still keep a place in your life for your incredible gift of music.
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The whole event was amazing.  I wish I would have recorded the other schools as well.  I'd strongly recommend you all try to make this in the future.
Gary \m/
An idea, like a ghost, must be spoken to a little before it will explain itself!

PPI Debra

For me, there are so many memories. I played clarinet in a band for from grade school through graduation. (A string)
"If you're after gettin' the honey, don't go killin' all the bees." -Joe Strummer

PPI Brian

That was an excellent performance. Jason you are a very talented musician, but of course you already know that. Thank you, Gary, for all the time and effort you put into capturing this performance and posting it on youtube. It's the next best thing to being there.  :)
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PPI Jason

Thank you again, Gary, for coming and for making a record of this. It means a lot to me because Tyler always wants to go to my performances but rarely can (my wife doesn't really like going and that would mean Tyler would have to sit around, unattended, for a long time during pre-rehearsals, sit by himself during the actual performance, and then wait for me in the concert hall until I can get out from backstage). This video is the next best thing to allow me to share some of my music with him.

I am glad everyone could enjoy the video. There is truly some amazing music out there and I think Gary did an excellent job of documenting the performance and sharing it with everyone. Thank you everyone so much for your compliments and thoughts.

Karl, the second chair clarinet is Michael Fuchs. He recently graduated from High School and I believe he has taken classes at Grossmont (possibly one of yours). I'll ask him next time I see him if he took any of your classes.

This week has been over-the-top-busy. I had rehearsals nearly every night, homework for school, bysy as always at work, and I managed to spend my Friday doing a search warrant at a home on my day off and then promptly falling down a flight of stairs in a very cluttered home and hurting my ankle (I'm better now, but it was sore all day).

The good news is that everything will slow down after last night's performance. It was amazing because I had the opportunity to play principal clarinet with a group that was much much better than even this group. We sounded amazing last night, and it was an honor for me to have been a part of the premier group to perform at the finale. If I come across a recording of that performance I'll share it with everyone.

Take Care  :)
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