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County Population Density v. Ghosts

Started by Brenna, February 14, 2011, 08:27:37 PM

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I had an idea while driving home that I thought I might share. If one accepts the premise that a certain percentage of people who live, die and become ghosts. There should be a relationship between population density and reports of paranormal activity;  the more dense the population, the more ghosts there should be.

This is perhaps why certain densely populated island nations like the U.K. and Japan are considered anecdotally to be especially haunted.

I found a population density map of San Diego county from 2003 here: (click to enlarge)

I wonder if the is a correlation between the cases we've investigated and population density, or even reportedly haunted and historical locations and population density.

Casual review of the map show that the Whaley House, the Hotel Del Coronado, and Horton Grand Hotel are located in a high density locations.

Is this a spurious relationship? Could it be that in more densely populated areas there are just more people to notice ghosts? Or, could it be that it is a matter of historically dense population areas that are haunted? Old town, Coronado and Downtown were all historically settled and the ghosts reported (as far as I know) white settlers.

What do you guys think?

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PPI Brian

Hi Brenna,

I think that's a fascinating premise. it makes sense in a matter-of-fact statistical manner. I look forward to checking out the link you provided.  ;D
"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."--Carl Sagan

PPI Tracy

Actually, that does make a lot of sense.  I agree; that is a very interesting premise.  

I wonder how the theory would work if an area that was once largely populated and is now a ghost town (literally or figuratively).  Would it still contain a considerable amount of spirits?  I also wonder if living human beings somehow aid in or facilitate the presence of spirits.  

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Brenna.  I have never considered this/these questions before.  Major food for thought and discussion.

p.s. ....and it's just really great to see you again round these parts!   :)