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Dead again

Started by PPI Tim, August 11, 2009, 02:34:47 AM

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From the book of 666 true stories.....

A funeral director recieved a call one day rainy night from a man whose elderly mother had just passed away. Within an hour, the director and one of his employees had driven to the man's home, removed the body and were returning it to the funeral home.
Suddenly, they heard a gurgling sound from the back of the hearse. The employee gave the funeral director a quizzical. "It's nothing. Just an air bubble escaping from the lungs. Happens all the time."
When the hearse went over several potholes and some railroad tracks, the two men heard a distinct groan. They pulled over, checked the women, and found that she was alive.
"Let's get to a hospital!" the funeral director said. The driver  of the hearse raced for the nearest emergency room, but bad roads and bad weather were working against him.
He lost control of the hearse on a slick stretch of road. The car spun around and the half of the hearse smashed into a huge tree.
When the ambulance arrived a few minutes later, the paramedics found the driver and the funeral director alive but unconscious.
But the woman in the back was dead.
Sounds interesting...Go on.


For a second, I was expecting to see that the driver and director died, and the lady survived the accident!!!  Hows that for a story for the grandkids!?!
Gary \m/
An idea, like a ghost, must be spoken to a little before it will explain itself!