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Brad Steiger

Started by dwalters, February 01, 2008, 05:43:23 PM

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Does anyone have any books by Brad Steiger?


I'm going to pick up a couple copies of both Zaffis' books and Steiger books today.


Frickin Borders don't have @#$%# I'll have to order these

PPI Brian

I ordered Zaffis' Book "Shadows of the Dark" from Amazon tonight.  ;D

Can't Borders order the book for you Dave?
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this is relatively long, but if you have not heard of Brad Steiger it is worth watching.

Jason and Grant from TV's hit series "Ghost Hunters" have interviewed Brad on their radio show "Beyond Reality Radio". I would HIGHLY recommend listening to this interview if you have not already. All PPI members SHOULD LISTEN to this interview! Brad talks about the dangers of paranormal investigations. Paranormal Investigations can and WILL be a dangerous hobby leading people into very dangerous situations. Many researchers find themselves in over their head with something they wish they never stumbled upon. This link will take you to a VERY lengthy page, but if you scroll down you'll see some interesting articles that you should read to familiarize yourselves with the knowledge of what to do if you find yourself in this situation.


Zaffis told me that Borders and B&N won't carry his books. (I forget why...) Amazon is the place to get them. He only has Shadows out now but two more coming out very soon. I thought Shadows was a great read!
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Quote from: PPI Dave on February 01, 2008, 10:48:36 PM
some interesting articles that you should read to familiarize yourselves with the knowledge of what to do if you find yourself in this situation.


Thank you for this information!  The short article that intrigued me the most was the "Miracles of a Mother's Love."  I am not a mother (unless my cats count ;D), but the first described story happened to me when my aunt was passing.  I'll never forget it.  I also has a similar thing happen when my father was injured at work.  I had an instant feeling of dread and knew that something was wrong.  He had almost lost his hand.

I certainly don't believe in people like Sylvia Browne, but I do think that something is definitely there.
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I bougt Zaffis' book at the conference last week and can't wait to get into it.  He's an interesting lecturer as well.

Has anyone read "Haunted Heartland from the American Midwest" by Beth Scott & Michael Norman?  I just found this in my cache of books.

In my prior job, I had to go to client's houses and interview them.  This took me into some really bad neighborhoods and some bizaar situations.  There were times when after I left that house I would say to myself, I can't believe I went there.  Some were dirty, creepy, trashy, you name it. 

I fear the living more than I fear the dead.

Has anyone heard of the Top Hat downtown as being haunted?  It's next door to Croce's.  My neighbor knows someone who has played there and they've seen a woman in the balcony listening.