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Pacific Paranormal Research Database

The Pacific Paranormal Research Database (PPRD)


PPI is excited to introduce our PPRD, the Pacific Paranormal Investigations Research Database, an original web-based database application that will be used to obtain and store data related to paranormal experiences and investigations.  Clients of PPI will be able to use the program to request investigations, enter data about their experiences, informatioon about themselves, information about other witnesses, and information about the location where paranormal events have occurred.  After or during an investigation, PPI investigators will be able to enter information such as environmental data, geographic data, weather data, historical data, and multimedia obtained that either explains or documents paranormal events. PPRD also will present clients with an easy-to-read online report regarding the investigation. 
The Pacific Paranormal Research Database replaces the "Investigation Request" Form, so if you would like to request our services, please click HERE, or click the banner below to get started.
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