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about ppi mission statement iconThe San Diego based Pacific Paranormal Investigations (PPI) began in 2005 as a not-for-profit organization of investigators and researchers seeking to assist those who are troubled or curious about experiences they suspect are paranormal. PPI’s services are completely FREE of charge, and our investigations can extend beyond San Diego County to the greater Southern California area. As investigators our main goal is to assist clients with our services, but as researchers we also rigorously use scientific methods and current technologies to contribute to the field of paranormal research. With commitment to our clients and dedication to our peers in the field of paranormal research, we take great pride in our PPI motto: Investigate. Evaluate. Educate....

about ppi affiliates iconPacific Paranormal Investigations proudly shares organizational national and international ties with many other paranormal research groups, services, and investigation networks....

team resources bylaws iconPacific Paranormal Investigation's charter and membership bylaws.


about ppi equipment list iconPPI uses an extensive array of environmental monitoring equipment during our investigations with hopes of capturing physical evidence of paranormal activity....

about ppi diversity pledge iconAs an agency dedicated to education and outreach, Pacific Paranormal Investigations values the diversity of all individuals and their right to mutual respect, be they living or incorporeal....

about ppi team ppi iconHere you'll learn more about our roster of active team members and investigators, and our organization structure.


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Since 2007, Pacific Paranormal Investigations has been registered with the TAPS Family Members (TFM) network, the official worldwide network of investigation, outreach, and research groups started by The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS).

about ppi trademark iconPPI is one among tens of thousands of not-for-profit paranormal investigative groups worldwide proud to support and ally with a broader network of dedicated sister groups. However, as a trademarked identity, we are unaffiliated with any other investigative or research entity whose moniker or initials may resemble ours.


about ppi glenn pitcher iconThis permanent memorial page on our website honors our greatly loved friend and PPI Founder, Glenn Pitcher, who passed away unexpectedly on March 2, 2009.

about ppi larry page iconThis page on our website is dedicated to the memory of Larry Page, whose unexpected passing in 2016 took away a husband, father, teammate and dear friend.