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Looking to break into the field

Started by Aarete, March 26, 2007, 06:45:07 PM

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Hi, I'm a 22 year old college student living in the East San Gabriel Valley. I have always been interested in the paranormal but I am highly skeptical of the things I have read and personally experienced. I have recently come into a large amount of free time outside of school and I am interested in becoming a researching and investigator. I do not know if there a true metaphysical world but I know there are occurences that have no logical explanation and would like to be involved in the scientific investigation of those events. I am studying for a degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and I believe experience in this field will help me counsel people who both believe they have experienced the paranormal or are victims of experiences they truly cannot explain. I have very little experience with actual investigations but I am a fast learner and I am eager to participate. If I can find a promising group I will be able to put together my own kit and hopefully become a strong asset to the group and its contributions to the field of parapsychology.


I just received an email from someone else in the San Gabriel Valley area...looking to join PPI. Unfortunately we aren't accepting any new members as we are pretty well staffed. If you'd like I can give your email address to this other person...maybe the two of you can start up a group together. I gave him a lot of pointers on how to go about forming a group. Let me know.


I'll write down in here, what I wrote to the other person in San Gabriel.

Thank you for finding us and browsing through our ever changing site. I
am flattered by your interest in joining the group, unfortunately the group is
pretty full at the moment and we aren't accepting any new members. If and when
we do decide to expand I will certainly keep you in mind. I know there are some
groups out in your area, and it seems that you have a lot to offer, so I'm sure
they would get back to you.  Good luck in finding a group to join, and if you
decide to create your own group...let me know how I can help. could be a great start in forming your own group. Join a paranormal
meetup close to you and attend a few meets...from there you'd get a pretty good
idea of who's serious and who isn't real quick. After you've done that, plan a
meet a greet with the members you've hand picked, and plan on having meetings
every other week or so. Challenge everyone with finding a place to investigate.
It all rolls in from there, as long as you have a steady, reliable, dependable
and professional group then you should be on the yellow brick road.

Take Care, and best of luck to you!


Thank you very much for your reply. I will look around and try to find some more local groups. Please keep me in mind if you ever have a free slot, and best of luck for all your future investigations.