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Paradise Hills Branch Library SDPL

Started by PPI Tim, November 28, 2014, 05:40:57 PM

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Hey Guys.
I is a little story about the Paradise Hills Library. If we are lucky, maybe can investigate this place.

Paranormal Hills?

Strange and unexplained happenings at the Paradise Hills Branch Library.

There are lots of stories about ghosts in libraries.   Now, Paradise Hills Branch Library can add its own tales to the archives.

Two years ago, a Clerk at the library noticed strange clicking and creaking sounds coming from the northwest section of the building.  He walked over to investigate and found nothing.  These sounds have become a familiar, fairly regular, phenomenon for the Clerk and other members of the library staff.

?Sometimes it sounds like someone is sitting down on one of the wooden chairs?, says one staff member.  ?We usually hear these sounds in the morning before the library opens, or in the afternoon or evening just before the library closes?.

?When we close the branch for the day?, another staff member explains, ?we push all the chairs in and place the keys to the front door and the bookdrop in a drawer at the circulation desk.  One morning I came in and could not find the keys in the drawer.  I looked out onto the main floor and saw the keys sitting at the end of one of the tables.  The chair at that space was pulled out.?

?One morning before we opened,? reports a staff member, ?I heard a sound like someone was scraping a rake or a shovel against the outside wall of the building.  I went outside and looked around the corner to the wall where the sound was coming from.  Nobody was there.?

One time, a Substitute left a voice recorder in the library overnight.  It was on ?record? all night.  When the Substitute played back the night?s recording, a voice could be heard.  The voice said several things that were unintelligible.  However the Substitute and other staff members were able to understand two recorded utterings.  At one point, a voice said ?Come the me?.  A bit later, the voice said ?Pat?.  Pat is the first name of the former branch manager who retired last spring.​

Zar Shain

Branch Manager

Paradise Hills Branch Library

5922 Rancho Hills Drive

San Diego, CA 92139

Sounds interesting...Go on.

PPI Theresa

Do you think they would let us investigate?
I liked U2 before U2 was cool


Sounds interesting...Go on.