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Ghot Ghosts? (Or just want to know more about them?)

Meet fellow San Diegans with an interest in ghosts! Come to our Meetup to discuss hauntings that we have heard about or experienced, and to share our knowledge and our theories of what is happening in the eerie world of the paranormal! Feel free to share your stories, photographs, E.V.P.'s, or recommendations for good websites, books, shows, etc. We'll also cover related topics outside of "typical" hauntings, and will occasionally do field investigations in addition to our monthly discussion meetings as well. If you're even slightly interested in the paranormal, this is the group for you!

San Diego Ghost and Paranormal Meetup Group (SDGAP) is a fantastic organization. They hold bimonthly meetings and have the largest membership of any meetup group in the city. PPI investigators are also proud members of SDGAP. Here's their link:
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