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Shadow people!!!

Started by jwrobinson13, May 16, 2012, 12:37:29 AM

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This is one of those topics where everyone has a wildly different opinion, so i want to know what everyone thinks.  Who/What they are, where/when they are from.  I have my views, but I'd like to hear what you all have to say first... Go!


I think they could possibly exist. I've seen "videos" and "pictures" of shadow people. Some look more convincing then others. I think some of these are false images created by poor equipment and or improper use of equipment. There is also the possibly that these shadow people are also a trick of the eye cause by low light conditions and by strong suggestion. (The person wanting to believe it is a shadow person.)
I have never seen a shadow person personally. It will be interesting if I do one day.
Sounds interesting...Go on.

PPI Tracy

It could be a spirit/entitiy/ghost, if you will.  There are many theories but when it comes down to it, we just don't know. 

Personally, I believe that some entities lack enough power or strength to show themselves as a full apparition, so the best they can do is appearing as a shadow.  Perhaps they do have the power after all but are too afraid or cautious to show themselves in any other form except a shadow. 

What do you think, JWRobinson13?

PPI Karl

Thanks for starting this thread.  This is one of those topics I enjoy coming back to.  I've experienced this phenomenon on more than one occasion.  In fact, in the apartment I lived in for fourteen years, my husband and I used to see the same shadow form of what we interpreted as a girl or a very short human form.  We finally confessed this to each other long after we each noticed "her" in the hallway.  So, whether or not we were actually seeing a "true" shadow form, or just picking up on the same naturally occurring phenomenon, we were both interpreting the experience in the same way.  That fascinates me because, in so many other reports, there is is psychological component by which people need to interpret what they believe they're seeing, and bring to it a back-story and identity.  In short, in a lot of instances, shadow forms are like vague archetypes to us, and it makes me wonder if this connection might be more than a figurative analogy--if some shadow forms might not, in fact, be thought forms as well:  projections of our own psyche, and creations giving shape to part of our subconscious (an anima, for example).

I've seen a large cross-section of photo images claiming to have captured shadow forms, but, unfortunately, still imagery is the least reliable evidence for this sort of phenomenon because it's so easy to interpret the "form" after the fact, unless you're actually documenting through still images an actual real-time experience with a shadow person.  In that respect, shadow forms are very much like orbs:  unless you're seeing them with your own eyes, they don't mean much.  Video evidence is far better and harder to explain, but consequently much rarer.  I'd loved to see a really good video documentation of a shadow form; there's one I've seen examined by experts like Micio Kaku that's pretty interesting, showing a dark mass forming out of a corner lamp, and visible in the nearby mirror as well.  (I wish I could find it for you on YouTube.  Alas, when you search for this on YouTube, the results are so crapped up by campy parodies of ghost videos and unconvincing examples that have risen to the top of the "Results" list simply out of some clever use of metatags and campaigning.  ::| So frustrating.)

Meanwhile, though, here are a couple of links to other discussions on the subject we've started before.  You might enjoy some of the posts:

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If you want to end your misery, start enjoying it, because there's nothing the universe begrudges more than our enjoyment.

PPI Brian

Here's a link to an interview by Stephen Hawking discussing how shadow people could be interdimensional intrusions. Hawking speculates that the appearance of a "brane" from the multiverse would appear very much like the mists described by witnesses of paranormal events. Fascinating to think that some paranormal activity could be explained by physics.
"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."--Carl Sagan

PPI Karl

I'll feel vindicated if this turns out to have merit. :o

Can't wait to read this in the morning.
If you want to end your misery, start enjoying it, because there's nothing the universe begrudges more than our enjoyment.

PPI Karl

Errrr... I meant listen to this in the morning. :)

Anyway, I just love this man.  And, I love the possibilities of what Hawking is saying.  If we're perceiving the interaction of multi-dimensional (or, other-dimensional) phenomena, then we and our instruments can quantify it only in a way consistent with our three-dimensional universe.  If we're interacting with it, it's possible that it has more perception of us from where it is, than we have of it, trapped by the limitations of our brains which have evolved to convey the stimulus and input of a three-dimensional universe.  We'd perceive some part of the brane phenomena, but the rest would come to us in fragmented ways, perhaps even as a kind of "static," which might register subliminally or as impressions of the complete phenomenon.  Hence, mists and shadow forms.  If such beings were directly attempting to communicate with us, and didn't just perceive us as unconscious, inanimate, or--well, too dumb to communicate with (in both senses of that word), then what fragmented data we do understand might be perceived in extrasensory ways.

If you want to end your misery, start enjoying it, because there's nothing the universe begrudges more than our enjoyment.

PPI Brian

Here's the embedded player for the Hawking interview regarding shadow people:
"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."--Carl Sagan