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To PPI please read

Started by adminsandiegohaunted, March 21, 2012, 10:59:18 PM

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Hi PPI, I want to know if you guys are interested in a meet n greet with the founder of San Diego Paranormal Eye ? Matthew has asked me to pass on his telephone number to you guys. I sent it via your email request@pacific........ If you guys are interested please give him a call.

PPI Debra

Thanks for the heads up.  :)
"If you're after gettin' the honey, don't go killin' all the bees." -Joe Strummer

PPI Jason

That sounds great. I'd love to meet him.  :)
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-Jack Handey

PPI Brian

Got your email. Looking forward to getting together for a chat.  :)
"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."--Carl Sagan

PPI Karl

Many thanks.  That sounds great.
If you want to end your misery, start enjoying it, because there's nothing the universe begrudges more than our enjoyment.

PPI Tracy