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Looking to join San Diego area group

Started by heidi k, March 23, 2007, 01:59:06 PM

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heidi k

Greetings~ I am a Park Ranger, mom, science student and artist looking for a local group. My schedule is awkward from March to October, then it opens up for the Winter. My husband and I are active folklorists, and have a library of places we are exploring, or have explored. I would like to join a team, or even start a team, to collect facts about ocurrences. Please conact me at 'Rabbit princess' at MySpace.
~heidi k

Elizabeth Aka. (LadyOutlaw)

I would love to join a group myself, or make my own group.....Im in National city, California which is in San Diego county.....hope to talk to u all soon....

Elizabeth Aka. LadyOutlaw
yahoo: ladyoutlaw619