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While I was at the William Heath Davis House

Started by adminsandiegohaunted, January 09, 2012, 08:46:15 PM

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I was bored Saturday so I paid a visit to the William Heath Davis House. I hadn't been there in almost a year. While chatting with the Docent, She informed me the House will be featured on a upcoming paranormal show, and filming had just ended. She wouldn't tell me the name of the show, I am not sure why... In any case does anyone have any clues? Also I was informed at the SDGAP Sunday meetup, that "The Haunted Collector," producers have been in contact with Dave from San Diego Ghost and Paranormal Meetup, if anyone has any info on haunted artifacts..... Lastly Dave from SDGAP will be hosting "The Maritime Ghost Conference," The date will be September 15, 2012, on board the ferry boat Berkeley at the Embarcadero. Right now everything is in the initial planning stages, though they do have a temporary version of the website up and running right now at .

PPI Jason

This is great info! Thanks for the heads up on all the latest (honestly I've been up to my neck in other stuff so all this info is very much appreciated)  :)
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