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Mt. Helix Casa De Oro - The ghost bride -

Started by adminsandiegohaunted, January 04, 2012, 10:14:48 PM

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The first publicized article about the Mount Helix "Ghost Bride"
appeared In the A-14 Section of "Evening Tribune San Diego, Saturday, April 6, 1968. [You and YOUR PROBLEMS] by Richmond Barbour.

A husband and wife wrote the columnist to ask the audience a question - "Have you heard of a sobbing ghost on Mount Helix?"
According to the husband, he and his wife were standing under the Mt. Helix Cross, just after midnight, and under a full moon. The very clear sound of a sobbing woman could be heard by both husband and wife. They prodeeded to search the entire mountain top but found no one. They were alone and the crying continued to be heard. Then both witnessed the figure of a woman walking slowly down the steps. The husband ran to her but as he approached, the figure disolved into, thin air.

Newspaper columnist Richmond Barbour dismissed the sighting as the effect of wind and over active imaginations.

In 2010 S.D.G.H with the assistance of persons from Mt. Helix Park, did a all night investigation.

Park staff seem to openly welcome the ghostly stories[1].pdf

I wrote more about the subject and tracked down the author if you wish too read more....
author Eric Yates. Eric Yates was very kind to allow San Diego Haunted Full citable rights.

My interpretation of the ghost artwork by me :)

PPI Brian

That's a very interesting story. Though I have heard ghost stories about the area, I haven't heard that particular tale. Tim Mountain is a native of the CDO/Mt Helix area. Have you ever heard this story before Tim?
"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."--Carl Sagan


I've heard about a ghost on Mt. Helix. Somebody was supposed to be bured underneath the cross. When I did a report on Mt. Helix years ago, I looked that up because at the time there was a battle going to keep the cross on Mt. Helix. If figured that if there was someone buried under the cross it would be a burial site and that they would to keep the cross right where it is. I went down to the San Diego Historical Society to check.
No one reported to be buried in or around Mt. Helix.
Sounds interesting...Go on.