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Bad Paranormal Groups??

Started by Sariki, December 23, 2011, 02:09:44 PM

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You every encounter any bad paranormal groups?? or any ones that seemed too have some sketchy "hidden" agenda's?? I have I was looking at a group but he wanted money from me, and some of the guidlines that they had were very sketchy. They said that they were a non-profit (no certficiate of course) but that they needed to raise money and that we were supposed to do  that. it was just all around a very bad experience.

Needless too say I stopped talking to them lol

PPI Brian

Hi Sariki,

I must say that our experiences with other groups has been amiable over the years. I noticed a lot of paranormal groups call themselves "non profit" without realizing what the legal definition is. It makes you wonder what else they don't know anything about.  :)

As a general rule I stay away from groups that ask for affiliation fees, and we are critical of groups that charge their clients a fee. The only exception to this rule is a group that charges its members monthly dues. Many organizations need to do that to raise money, from churches to labor organizations and community groups like the Elks and the Free Masons. Paranormal groups use dues money to buy equipment or defray the costs associated with travel to assist clients far from the group's home base.
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True but, my problem with it was that he only bought equipment that he saw fit. Never seeking imput from anyone else. They wouldn't share where a location was or wether or not it was public or private. He wouldn't tell of any of the reports that happened at the location. It was just very sketchy too me and my wife.

PPI Jason

That doesn't sound like a paranormal group to me. That sounds more like someone with an ego trip looking for people to fund his agenda. I've had experience with these type of people and have watched them bully their way to "success."

The world is full of people who are in it for themselves, and paranormal groups are not immune. But I'm sure there are also many, many, many good-hearted sincere people out there who would welcome you and your wife. Good people are harder to find because they don't put a big sign up saying, "Look over here, I'm awesome."

It's a good thing you took them for a test-drive before you signed on.
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I have to agree. We went over to their house and while we were there they "briefed" us (aka long ass powerpoints) about who they are what they do that kind of stuff. The whole time their other members were reviewing evidance from a recent investigation. He asked them to stop  while we were there. it was just all around pretty strange and your right I am sure that we will find it but too find taht kind of stuff our first time talking with a group.


I don't deal with many paranormal groups at all. I am a amateur researcher, blogger with an interest in the paranormal as far back as I can remember. I grew up in a "interesting" house, and I think that spawned my interest. Then later I experienced (along with my co-workers) "at work" a series of events that really only pointed one direction. Currently due to the economy and a close personal loss, I am a stay home dad with a fair amount of time on my hands (temporarily). I have been using my time to visit and write a lot more about the paranormal than ever, and think this may turn into a true calling for me, at some point. The more research I did, the more I kept running into references to  P.P.I. So  I decided to stop by and say hi on here every now and then, and post a few things here and there. The only other group I have had any dealings with is the San Diego Paranormal Meet up group. They have an interesting cross section of persons, that seem to have a true interest in the paranormal. Can you really have a bad group? Or is it bad leadership? Sariki I am sure you will find a good honest group if you keep seeking.


yeah I have to agree with you there. there really is no bad group just the people who run it. I don't agree with what they are and what they are about. they were rude and unprofessional you know. I am very interested in it too. it's more of a hobby of mine.