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Hi guys?. Name is Adriano, first time posting. Read some of recent posts and noticed everyone's interest in all the physics stuff ? Mr. Sagan, Neutrinos, relativity... All pretty cool and interesting stuff. I?d like to post something I read this morning that I find worth noting.

Norman Ramsey, 1989 Nobel Prize in physics, has passed away a few days ago. Most of us aren?t aware of exactly who he was, or of his contributions to physics, but he?s done quite a bit. In fact, his research in particle energy has led to the invention of the MRI and the atomic clock (that really called my attention)

The atomic clock is a pretty famous device in the world of Physics because it helped prove one of Einstein?s most interesting concepts: the effect of gravity on time? time is no longer a constant. (time travel???)

Einstein stated that as an object starts to travel closer to the speed of light, some pretty weird stuff start to happen. One of which is that time begins to slow down. To prove that idea (I think it was in the early 70?s)?. An experiment was conducted where basically they placed an atomic clock on a plane. This plane would fly at a high altitude and high speed.

Another atomic clock was left on the ground, and both we perfectly in sync at the start. At the end of the experiment, they we able to see that in fact Einstein was correct? the atomic clock on the plane was considerably slower than the one left on the ground. So would you consider this time travel?

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Hi Adriano,

It's good to hear from you. Yes, we're all very much into science and physics around here, and we're constantly discussing astrophysics and the latest NASA missions. Kind of a strange departure for most paranormal groups, but then again we're not like most paranormal groups.  :)

Please feel free to post more on any topic, including those which haven't had any activity in a while. You will be sure to stir up a new conversation in no time.  :)

I didn't know very much about Norman Ramsey, but now you've inspired me to do some research. Thank you!

The atomic clock experiment sounds fascinating. I will post some thoughts soon!
"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."--Carl Sagan

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Hey there, Adriano!  So glad you are on the forums!  Welcome welcome!

This is fascinating.  Absolutely.  I'm not smarter than your average bear when it comes to this stuff, but I find it so interesting to read, learn, and discuss, nevertheless. You truly learn something new around here every single day.  (at least I do, anyway)   P^/

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Well... thank you, thank you for the welcome... I was in the least very pleased to see the "Science" section... I'm reading all kind of really interesting stuff you guys are discussing from Carl Sagan, to Neutrinos... very awesome stuff I like to read about...