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Not actually in the news on this one, but I think we recently posted about a guy who sent up a normal $40 digital camera and a weather balloon and set it free.  The images he captured were amazing.  He has done it again, and put together a sweet video.  Check it out.

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Gary \m/
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That is cool Gary. I liked the fact that they were able to retrieve it once it came down.
Sounds interesting...Go on.

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Being able to capture images and video of the curvature of Earth, all on your own...AWESOME!   :o
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Love it! My family is from Santa Paula, CA. I thought I recognized the mountains of Ventura county as the weather balloon was taking off. Looks like the southern California coastline in his upper atmospheric still images. His camera box must have drifted east as it fell back to earth.

Very cool. Thanks for sharing that with us, Gary.  ;D
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Amazing and beautiful.
Thanks, Gary.
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That is WAY cool!   :)   Hey Brian, I used to work in Fillmore and Santa Paula.  haha!  Small world!