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The Willian Heath David House

Started by Shellshock, April 16, 2010, 12:05:38 AM

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Hiya , Wasn't sure where to post this.

I was looking through some pictures from a tour around SD a while back and came across  pictures of the visit to the William Heath David House.
Guess its rumored to be haunted.  Has PPI or any other para-teams investigated this location?
Just wondering about it again since seeing the pictures  - felt like bringing it up ;)~.
I'll be Googling some more on this place right now but i'm curious to hear what you all might have to share about it . =)


PPI Karl

Hi, Shelly!

I don't know if other teams have gone to the William Heath David House, but I'm pretty sure PPI has never been there.  I wouldn't say no to an invitation, though.  What sorts of things are you finding out about it?
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PPI Brian

Here's a Wiki article about William Heath Davis.

He once owned all of the land which is now downtown San Diego, and his attempt to develop the location later became known as "Davis' Folly". Alonzo Horton picked up the pieces and successfully founded San Diego in its present location, but his methods were, shall we say, rather shady. The house is the oldest surviving building in downtown San Diego, and like all historic structures, served many purposes over the years, including a hospital. It's one of the stops on the Haunted San Diego tours.  :)

I would love to investigate this place.  ;D
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Hey Michelle, do you have any photos to share of this place?  It does sound like a cool place.  Would love to check it out sometime.
Gary \m/
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It's a cool little house.  I've been inside during the Haunted San Diego Tour.  This was the stop where I caught one of the tour guides fabricate a ghostly photograph by doing something with his fingers in front of the camera lens quickly as he snapped a photo.

The place has a rich and varied history to it.  I agree that it would be a cool investigation site.
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You caught someone faking a photo there? What was the tour guide company?
Sounds interesting...Go on.


Heya! Yes I do have some photos! Not sure how to post them though. =L
And as far as the info - I was going to post the Wikipedia link I was reading  , but I see Mistah Miller did so already. =)
Ya beat me to it ,Im waaay too slow poke! lol


Yup Tim, I did.  It was this company:

After the group had filed into the house, and we were told the story of the alleged hauntings, one of the guides called out a specific corner of the room where people supposedly get frequent photographic anomalies.  Then he encouraged the group to start taking pictures in that corner.

Amidst the excitement in the group, the same guide asked one of the people for their camera.  I found his behaviour suspicious so I stood back and watched him.  He took the camera, aimed it at the corner, and I noticed he was holding the camera awkwardly.  That's when I saw a couple of his fingers contorting in front of the camera lens.  He snapped a picture, and surprise surprise! he got an odd light-colored streak in the photo.  He showed it to the camera's owner, and the group was full of gasps and excitement.

I didn't want to ruin anyone's fun, so I kept my mouth shut...especially because this was more of a tongue-in-cheek entertainment tour.  I made eye contact with the tour guide, and just shook my head and smirked at him.
"A mind all logic is like a knife all blade. It cuts the hand that wields it." --Rabindranath Tagore

"Me fail English? That's unpossible." --Ralph Wiggum

PPI Jason

Very cool experience and observation, Damian.

I would definitely be interested in doing an investigation on a place like this. Thanks everyone for posting all the links, information, and experiences.  :)
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