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Started by DredelsPlace, January 24, 2010, 01:57:06 PM

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   My name is Andrea.  I was born and raised here in San Diego only leaving for 4 years.  3 of those years were spent in South Carolina just outside Charleston (MANY experiences there) and then one year in Norfolk Virginia.  I did fill out an application for PPI but due to the rains I was unable to interview.  My area got majorly flooded.  Luckily only minor water damage to my home.  I have had a few encounters with the paranormal world.  I also work at the Reuben H Fleet Science Center which is also said to have a few resident ghosts.  Thanks everyone!


Hi Andrea!  Thanks for introducing yourself.  I look forward to talking with you more on the forums and hearing about your experiences.
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Nice to "meet" you, Andrea!   We would all love to hear about your experiences.  I'm glad to hear you got through the rains okay.    :)

PPI Jason

Hi Andrea,

I'm sorry to hear about the water damage but glad to hear everyone is alright.

I have family that lives in Greenville SC and I visit them regularly. But they used to live just outside Charleston. I love that town. It's absolutely beautiful and rich in history. For a history buff like me it was being a kid in a candy shop. I took a pirate walking tour there one time that was an absolute blast. I remember they have several ghost walking tours as well that I haven't had a chance yet to participate in. I really hope to go back there again soon.

I also absolutely enjoy the Reuben H. Fleet Center. I try to take my boys there every chance I get. I really don't think you can expose kids too much to science when they're young and that's the best place in San Diego to do it.

I also look forward to hearing about your experiences.
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PPI Brian

Hi Andrea,

Welcome to the PPI forums. Sorry to hear about the flooding. Hopefully everything is drying out and we will get the opportunity to meet you soon.


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Hello Andrea,
I look forward from reading your posts on the forums.
Welcome to the boards
Sounds interesting...Go on.