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Unluckiest people

Started by PPI Tim, December 01, 2009, 06:57:41 PM

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Hey Guys,
I was reading a website who a list of the seven most unluckiest people.
Here read it. I found it interesting.
Sounds interesting...Go on.

PPI Brian

Thank you for sharing this, Tim. I suppose these people are either unlucky or extremely lucky, depending on how you look at it.  :)
"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."--Carl Sagan


You know.....after reading about the "Unluckiest People", my life just doesn't seem so bad.    ::|

PPI Tracy

No doubt huh?

"Peeeeeople.....peeeople who don't neeeeed peeeeople.....are the UNluckiest peeeeeople in the world"


I would have loved to see a calculation of the odds of these series of events.  Is it even possible to quantify these types of events (or series of events)?  Seriously, how do you get struck by lightning 4 times?!  And being the ONLY PERSON ON EARTH to have been struck by a meteorite?!  Crazy.
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