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Invisible Barriers

Started by PPI Tim, August 29, 2009, 10:32:57 PM

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Hey Guys,
I was reading a book called "The Rough Guide to Unexplained Phenomena" and I ran across the topic of Invisible Barriers.
This phenomenon is surprisingly common and yet it has been little studied. You have heard the stories. A horse or animal refuses to walk any further along a road for no reason that can seen.  They seem toe occur all over world and also seem to be common with suspected crop circles, fairy rings and UFO landing sites. Automobiles have also been known to be conk out when entering these invisible barriers. Their engines just stop working.
Has anyone ever experience one of these invisible barriers?
Sounds interesting...Go on.

PPI Tracy

Not a barrier per say, but a kind of foreboding feeling of crossing a certain point, or threshold in a home, building, etc.  Just like something doesn't want you there.  Like a silent warning not to go any further, so to speak.

I think I may have mentioned this sometime during the last two years on our site, but when I lived in Japan, that whole "invisible barrier" did happen with my German Shepherd.  One night she was laying on the living room floor and I was petting her, when all of a sudden she jumped up, hair standing on end, and began barking and growling, baring her teeth (which she never did) at a chair that I had in the corner of my dining room.  It was an antique school chair and I'd had it for quite a long time. She must have picked up something that I didn't see because she never took her eyes off of that chair, barked her head off and would not..and I mean would not go any closer than about 10 feet from it.  She kept pacing back and forth in front of the chair and whining but wouldn't go past a certain point.  It was like there was (just like you said) an invisible barrier.  She was never allowed on the couch and never disobeyed.  Except that night.  Rather than walk by this chair that clearly was flipping her out, she jumped on the couch and over the back of it to get to my bedroom.  I couldn't make her come out of there for about 24 hours.  It was creepy, that's for sure, but it never happened again. 


I've never experienced anything with my pets I always thought they were always just stubborn and wanted a treat.  Quite interesting there is a book on such types of phenomenons.  A colleague from Ireland often speaks of fairy rings and nature based barriers around their relatives property that seem to form invisible barriers and the people don't cross them.
Heaven won't take me and hell's afraid I'll take over.


In my opinion barriers are in your mind. Sometimes you just wont allow yourself to cross into that realm etc etc.

Do i believe you can knock these barriers down? Of course I do. For example, that pretty girl you see at the coffee shop that no one will talk too.... the invisible barrier is your fear of rejection.

Now as for cars not working or running into a force field or something of that nature.... sounds interesting  ;)

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In terms of cars shutting off, cars can be diabled or controlled by electronic devices, which have been tested in the Law Enforcement arena, as well as now being used by OnStar.  I always beleived that there was an electromagnetic field or pulse or radio waves in the area that caused cars to turn off or go haywire.  All accounts of this that I have every heard of (which are hardly any) involve the radio going nuts and then static-y.  Dunno.   :-\