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Victoria Laurie

Started by Melody, September 04, 2008, 02:20:44 PM

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I thought I might share one author with all of you. This author writes about a team of a medium and her ghost hunter friend who is a guy. Victoria writes really fun tales and even though I respect a scientific approach to ghost hunting, I think that anyone interested in the paranormal might find her books to be wildly entertaining. Right now I am reading "what's a Ghoul to do" It's really cool.



fiction book right?  It is so weird but I do not read fiction.  I had this hang up since I was a Child.


 Well the author says she was a real psychic before she was an author, but the stories she tells (as entertaining as they are) are fictional. She incorporates what she has experienced as a psychic with stories she has made up. It's just fun to read.