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Hauntings and attacks

Started by DOC C45, June 08, 2008, 06:40:41 AM

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  I feel somewhat crazy in writing this. I have only spoken to my
mother and wife about these things over the years and i always feel as if i
am crazy to even be doing that. All my life i have grown up sensing,
knowing and seeing things as real as sitting and talking to my best
friend right in front of my own face. Now i don't lay claim to the whole
pyschic thing or mediums as a man of medicine for the U.S. Navy. (Doc) for
the Marine Corps. I base alot of my knowledge as to whats at hand and
what i can fix. Can i prove IT. Whether it be with audio, pictures, or
video of some sort i don't really care just as long as i can have the
evidence to back up what i say or see. Now to date i have no evidence. I
can tell you though that thru out my life i have been attacked 3 times from
some sort of unseen entity so to speak. I was once jumped on while
laying down to go to bed one night and thrown out of the bed subsequently
following, I was physically picked up and thrown into a wall, and
the other was while i was outside looking around in a forest type
setting when i saw small trees bending out of the way and something coming
at me. Then it was almost as if something Hockey checked me into the
ground. My main concern though is this. All my life i have had a bond
with children. I fill like i am there guardian so to speak, to drive the
things away that may harm them wether in this life or if there is
another world that we don't see. I can no longer step foot into a graveyard
of any sort, as i stated before it seems as if my mind go's somewhere
else. I start to hear children laughing and playing for the most part and
there have been a several occasions as to seeing them get hurt and they
call for me to help them. Now i can tell you that i work in the labor and
delivery part of my hospital at the moment and for whatever reason
every child that i have ever taken care of that suddenly goes sour due to
respiratory, heart, or abuse reasons i have the since of almost
dejavue going on and i already know or have treated this child before
i truly ever saw them. I always seem to know what is wrong with them
before i have taken care of them if that makes sense. Again i seem to
have the strongest bond with the children for what reasons im not quite
sure but i do except it. I can not stand anyone or anything harming a
child. Right now though i would ask as to what i can do. My wife whenever
i mention these things to her is down right terrified to know anything,
i myself would like to conduct some EVP's to see if maybe when there
around, yes i do feel as if i am always surrounded by childrens
entity's. What can i do to better help them and in the process maybe have a
better understanding to the fact that i am not out of my mind and maybe
this is something i should embrace whole heartedly. I have to admit that
there are sometimes i am completely terrified of what i might run into,
not the children portion but as to the fact of the things that
have attacked myself and how to deal with them as well. I could go on
with many other stories to tell of my run in's with the paranormal but
i do not wish to blow up an email with all that. Any information the
Paranormal family could give me would be greatly appreciated.
  Thomas Cardaropoli Jr.
  United States Navy Corpsman / Fleet Marine Force

MichaelF (FPIE)

It takes a lot of courage to make a post like this.  I am also active duty Navy (17 years) and have had many experiences throughout my life much like yours that I do not truly understand.  I also have had my share of some let's say unpleasent experiences.  The Navy isn't exactly open to such things either.  I'm not actually a member of PPI, but rather a friend, but I would be happy to help in any way I can.  What exact type of advice are you looking for?
200 years ago, our communication over computers would have been deemed magical and we all would have been burned at the stake.  200 years from now, explanations for what we call Paranormal will be in Science Textbooks.

PPI Glenn

Thomas, first off, let me also say that what you posted did take a lot of courage. There are so many things in the world that we just don't understand and maybe we're not supposed to understand.  I, along with many others, have heard so many stories such as yours. Some people would call it a curse while others would call it a gift. I myself consider what you have a gift. I don't know if you're a God fearing man or not, but I personally believe that things such as this are presented to us for a reason. Maybe it's a calling. Sounds like you've already answered one calling to help people by becoming a Corpsman (my nephew's also an active duty Corpsman, btw) and maybe you're supposed to take it to the next level. Now, I don't claim to have any sort of abilities (I always say that I'm about as sensitive as a rock!) but if I were to offer any advice, I'd tell you to get hooked up with someone like you that can teach you how to control your ability. If you truly do have some sort of ability you have two choices; 1) learn to control it or 2) let it rule your life. Personally I'd go with option #1!! Unfortunately I don't personally know of anyone that can really help so I'd suggest you keep poking around - do some research on the Internet or get on other forums such as this. But when you do get hooked up with someone, approach them with caution. I personally believe that 99% of the people out there claiming to be a 'sensitive' or some similar ability are full of crap. You need to find someone in that 1% category. I'm sure you're a smart guy (hell, you're a Doc :) ) so I think when you find someone that's genuine and sincere you'll know it. Maybe you can start by contacting some of the more well known people in the field. John Zaffis mightbe a good starting point, IMHO. He actually has his phone number on his web page and he even answers it. Though he's really an expert in Demonology, he might be able to point you in the right direction.

I know I kinda rambled on but I hope this at least helps a little bit!
Glenn Pitcher
Founder, Pacific Paranormal Investigations
R.I.P. (1963-2009)


hey Thomas, It would be really interesting if your could get some evidence, I'd love to see what turns up. where are you stationed? Myhusband is an NC2  stationed out of everett WA. Are you at Balboa right now? Just curious to know if you have an issues similar to those you have in cemetarys when you are on base. Older bases especially.  Im interested in learning more and following your journey of discovery.