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Interview with Brad Steiger

Started by PPI Brian, October 26, 2009, 05:35:35 PM

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PPI Brian

Brad Steiger, author of Strange Guests and over 160 other books, faces Kala Ambrose on her Explore Your Spirit online radio show, discussing the now reissued Strange Guests, a book about the poltergeist phenomenon. Steiger, one of the deans of paranormal literature, says, "Dr. Sanderson, Ivan Sanderson, as a scientist...thought the poltergeist phenomena was the most likely of all paranormal phenomena that could be tested and demonstrated to a scientific community, because the poltergeist moves things. It can cause things to burst into flames. If given long enough to 'mature,' it can develop a voice. It can develop intelligence, and you can communicate with it." So what does Steiger think a poltergeist is?

The transcript of the interview continues in Strange Guests - Interview with Brad Steiger Part Two:
"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."--Carl Sagan

PPI Karl

I enjoyed how the interviewer would think up the complex answers, and Steiger would simply say, "Yes, I agree with that completely." 

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