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Not a book, but a game...

Started by dwalters, February 15, 2008, 10:45:28 PM

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Has anyone played "Apparitions" yet? I downloaded the demo version for free on my Mac (yes, they have a PC version too) and I think I'll pay the $20 to unlock the serial and play with the full version. It's a pretty fun game.

I wouldn't make it mandatory for our investigators in training, but it's actually good little training program too. It teaches you to look for drafts that cause cold spots, it teaches you how to track down high EMF's pretty nifty. Best part about it is that it's a bit spooky which does a good simulation of putting yourself in that frame of mind to always be on your toes. Not too bad.

What are your thoughts, if you've played it?


I love the "agent login"...and helped made by TAPS?  Gotta check it out.  (fellow mac user - yay!)
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i downloaded the demo and got a whole bunch of stuff caught on video lol like a person walking down the hall and vanishing haha its really cool

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I'm a new Mac-user (FINALLY!!!), and loving every minute of it.  Apparitions sounds pretty free demo  :o  I'm gonna check it out.
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Yeah, I am glad this thread re-surfaced.  I think I'm gonna check it out also.  Wonder if it's multi-player?!?    ;D
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