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Title: Electricity and Ghosts
Post by: Mark.Yates on January 20, 2011, 07:13:57 PM
This thought popped in my head and I don't know if there is a topic already for it.

Since ghost use electricity to manifest themselves is there a way to staticly charge an area to attract them to invoke a manifestation? Something on a smaller scale away from a Tesla Coil. Tesla Coil is a bit extreme and dangerous in my opinion.  Something like one of those old crank devices that were used to sound off an air raid horn. In high school electronics class we hooked up copper wires to it and ran it to the door knob on the inside and one on the outside. Cranked it up to send electricity to the knobs so when someone grabbed it, it would shock them. Having that in mind if something can be deviced like a field goal post snd some where else someone is cranking away. The electricity would arc across and in theory would invoke a manifestation.  

Just a thought.

Thanks for moving this to the correct loaction. My mind is coming up with all sorts of things that I'm sure have already been asked or pondered.
Title: Re: Electricity and Ghosts
Post by: PPI Brian on January 20, 2011, 07:42:41 PM
Hi Mark,

That's a very interesting topic of discussion. Paranormal investigators have tried to find ways to force paranormal activity to manifest over the years without success. It would save us a lot of sleepless nights if we could walk into an alleged haunted location, turn on a device and chat with the dearly departed.  ;D  So far nobody has been able to determine whether or not "ghosts" (for want of a better term) actually "feed" off EMF or static electricity. Back in the early days of PPI we had an ion generator which we hypothesized would create a "thunderstorm" effect and aid in the manifestation of paranormal activity. We only used it a couple of times, and we didn't have an ion counter to determine whether or not the device even worked. The few times we used the device, we perceived a decline in paranormal activity (assuming there was any paranormal activity in residence to begin with). Like many serious investigative groups, we are still trying to establish patterns and quantifiable environmental influences that are associated with paranormal activity.

I think it would be great to conduct a series of experiments using devices such as ion generators and Tesla coils to introduce ions and static electricity to the environment. But in order to determine their effectiveness, one would need calibrated ion counters and static electricity detectors to quantify the difference between the baseline environment and the "enhanced" environment.
Title: Re: Electricity and Ghosts
Post by: Mark.Yates on January 20, 2011, 08:20:06 PM
How about have Brigham Toskin, Tim Mountain, and yourself come up with something that does just that? I'm sure between the 3 of you something simple can be invented, if it hasn't been invented already. The idea is there.  The ION Generator sounds practicle however, let's start off small, kind of like the idea I proposed and step up from that.  At work late at night I would sit and watch tv or just tinker with EVP's on my laptop. When I would get up to turn on the light or touch something metal I would get a shock. None of this used to happen until I started inveestigating the building for paranormal activity. So in theory just the act of investigating something may produce some sort of static in the air.  Of course, it could be environmental too but, I am not 100% sold on the notion that it is environmental.

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Title: Re: Electricity and Ghosts
Post by: PPI Brian on January 20, 2011, 09:39:30 PM
Thank you for your vote of confidence.  ;D  I agree -- these types of experiments can be carried out by lay people who strictly adhere to the principals of the scientific method. We are always conducting experiments, discussing theories and doing research, especially when we're in between cases. This is an exciting time to be involved in the field of paranormal research. There is so much more equipment available today for testing our hypotheses that simply wasn't available "back in the day", and much of it is fairly inexpensive. We anticipate expanding our article section of the PPI website with the results of experiments.  
Title: Re: Electricity and Ghosts
Post by: Mark.Yates on January 20, 2011, 11:03:51 PM
My fiance's nephew goes to job corps and I asked him to talk to his electrician buddies to make me a small version of a tesla coil.  Something more along the lines of something like a jump spark.  The item that I am going to experiment with tonight is like those metal balls from science class that when you touch it with your fingertips you can feel a small electrical charge. I don't know the name of it but I'll take a photo of it.
Title: Re: Electricity and Ghosts
Post by: Gary on January 21, 2011, 12:54:07 AM
I wonder if something like this would also work?  This isn't what you mean, is it Mark?

Title: Re: Electricity and Ghosts
Post by: Mark.Yates on January 21, 2011, 01:01:25 AM
That is exactly it. Except mine is a dragon and the ball is a bit smaller but, when you even get your finger close to it, the electricity jumps to your finger. I'm willing to try anything once or twice to see if it works or doesn't work. I put the K2 next to it while it was on and it maxed the lights out. Pulled it away to about 18 inches. I have the the MEL Meter next to it and it won't go above a .8 mG.  I'll let ya'll know how it goes for me but, I'm just guessing that if a ghost uses electricity to manifest and this is producing electricity then all in all it should work.  In theory of course.  If it does than this can be dubbed the "Ghost Attractant".  Hell they have repellents on the market lets find something that is an attractant.

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Title: Re: Electricity and Ghosts
Post by: Gary on January 22, 2011, 02:39:45 PM
Did you have any results with this experiment Mark?
Title: Re: Electricity and Ghosts
Post by: Mark.Yates on January 22, 2011, 06:45:48 PM
When I first walked in that room with the hardwood floor I sweeped everything from the floor to as far as I could reach. On the floor I was reading baseline 1.5 to the ceiling at .5.  So I set my K2 and MEL Meter on the floor about 6 feet from the center of the doorway, pushed the desk forward so it was about 2 feet past the pillar, brought the one chair you sat in forward, put that device on the desk, plugged it in, and turned it on.  The meters were approximately 4 to 5 feet away from the desk. Just remember what it looked like when you walked in the room.

Now all the meters were baseline 1.5 however, the moment I turned on the device the K2 jumped to 4 lights constant and the MEL Meter climbed to 8.9 for 10 minutes. It did fluxuate from 8.9 to 7.9 but, for those 10 minutes it was cold in their. The baselin temp was 61.0 and it had dropped to 56.5. 

I asked the general contractor what that room was used for and he told me it was the phone room. All phone routing came into and out of that room. However, the only power coming into that room was the power to turn on the light switch and the power for the receptacles. I checked the receptacles and they all give off baseline EMF 0.5.

I didn't get any audio that I could understand. There was one section that sounded like there was something but, I don't understand the language as it could be foriegn or just unitellible.  I did save the EVP though.

Title: Re: Electricity and Ghosts
Post by: PPI Jason on January 22, 2011, 08:03:08 PM
Hi Mark,

I was wondering. At your location you claim to have experienced paranormal activity.

Do you believe there was any EMF that was present during those paranormal incidents that wasn't present at other times?

I only ask this because I don't think there is any relationship between EMF and paranormal activity. I'm not saying that for certain. But there are a couple reasons why I lean toward this thought.

1. Everyone I've ever spoken with that has had something paranormal happen to them has never had a tesla coil or ion generator running in any room at any time.

2. If more people are experiencing paranormal activity than there are that have ion generators or tesla coils, then there exists a distinct possibility that paranormal activity is unrelated to EMF.

3. Let's say, for argument's sake, that people that have unshielded wiring or extensive EMF contamination are having higher incidents of paranormal activity. If this were the case, then we would expect to see a higher percentage of investigation requests from people that have high baseline EMF readings. As it stands right now, however, I would say that we get more investigation requests from people that DON'T have higher baseline EMF readings.

4. Historic accounts reveal that people report experiencing paranormal activity even before the discovering and harnessing of electricity (e.g. Ancient Greeks and Biblical accounts).

Now I'm not saying that it wouldn't be worth while to set up some experiments to test the theory and play with EMF in order to document its effects. But I wouldn't spend too much money on toys, especially when the very real possibility exists that no one yet knows exactly what environmental variables can spur paranormal activity. At least, not yet  ;)
Title: Re: Electricity and Ghosts
Post by: Mark.Yates on January 22, 2011, 11:16:18 PM
I'm no expert. I'm still learning, asking many questions, and taking in everyone's ideas and thoughts.

I enjoy hearing everyones ideas and inputs. This is exactly what makes paranormal investigation exciting. Not everyone has the money to invest in an ion generator and or tesla coil so with that in mind their paranormal occurences will be different from those that do have those pieces of equipment. If in theory a ghost manipulates the air around it to manifest in some fashion than that is what causes a disturbance in EM field then the use of EMF detectors to would find this disturbance.  There have been times I've gone in that room and the EMF is deader than a door nail and other times it's been around 3.2 but, nothing like 8.9. When Gary was with me and we were both in that room together he saw or at least I think he saw me place the K2 and MEL meter on the floor and it had no reading. Then unexplainably both of them began reading EMF.  If electicity of some sort plays a part in attracting or increasing paranormal activity then I'm all for experimenting with it. I'm sure there are many things that increase or attract just like what GAC does by introducing trigger objects. Maybe the trigger objects do work but, until I or anyone else other than them experiment with it than we won't know. If I knew someone that had an Ovilus I would want to try it to see if it does work. I'd really like to go somewhere that has constant paranormal activity to experiment with these many ideas. However, that is not possible due to that fact most of those places are either museums or private locations.  I am and will always be open to anyone and everyones ideas or thoughts on capturing or investigating any given place.

This is what makes paranormal investigatong fun and interesting. Everyone comes to the table with a different view and or idea. None of which are wrong.
Title: Re: Electricity and Ghosts
Post by: PPI Jason on January 23, 2011, 12:17:35 AM
Mark, you bring up a crucial crucial crucial point. We have to experiment with things to find out. Right now there is a large portion of the paranormal community that is taking theories for fact and then spreading them as if they've been proven beyond a doubt. THIS IS DANGEROUS. There are people that believe that ghosts are more active around water or more active around quartz or caused by electricity or scared off by garlic (wait that's vampires, sorry) well you get the point. Yet many of these people have never ever experienced anything that proves their theory or even bothered to conduct an experiment to test the theory. Some of these theories seem to make sense (the idea that ghosts need energy to manifest themselves is logical, so is the idea that they may be able to draw that energy from the environment). But just because it seems logical doesn't make it true. It also seems logical that if eating one fish oil tablet in the morning is healthy then eating 3 or more must be even healthier. Trust me, that is NOT TRUE. Believe me. Ask the poor people that had to walk behind me during a hike up Cowles Mountain later that day. It was terrible.

Back to my point. I think we need to be open to the possibility that some of these theories may be wrong. That doesn't mean we have to assume they're wrong just because they're not proven. But we need to have an open mind to either possibility. There are way too many unknowns about the paranormal for us to start assuming anything. And I agree, it is the excitement of that unknown, and the possibility of being able to find those answers, that compels some of us in this field.
Title: Re: Electricity and Ghosts
Post by: Mark.Yates on January 23, 2011, 01:46:48 AM
You mentioned some say ghosts use water. Is it a specific kind of water, i.e. fresh water vs. salt water? I know this part is going to seem time consuming however, it may be helpful. Since there are so many theories out there how about making a list of all those things and take one at a time and test it.  Maybe it's a combination of things. If water is an attractant then Teledyne should be hot as can be due to the fact that it's next to the water. However, that's just a theory in itself.  I guess I have some homework to do and compile a list of know theories for paranormal investgation and take it from there.  Anything is possible and the possibilities are limitless.