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A paranormal investigation is theater—the good ol’ fashioned kind that comes out of rituals. When the rituals are collaborative, as they often are in, say, an EVP vigil, the theater is participatory as well, and everyone participates even when they have no lines. Participants want to compare notes, corroborate one another’s claims, and get in on social camaraderie of swapping anecdotes....


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PPI Podcast #11: Whaley House June Reading Interview #2

Travel back in time through the PPI audio archives for the second of a series of a special interviews with June Reading, Director and Curator of the Whaley House Museum in Old Town San Diego, CA. June shares her personal experiences at the Whaley House with PPI Investigator Brian Miller during a busy winter afternoon at the museum.

Recorded 1982

Length: 00:36:33